Isoland + COVID-19

Can we have fun in a pandemic? 

In comprehending notions of collective isolation and disconnection within a
framework of physical separation as prevention of further contagion, whilst
waiting for the production of a vaccine, an alternate reality to cope with increasing
disconnection can be proposed. Agency in the form of satire, whimsically
represented through the re-imagination of familiarities, nostalgia and
collective memory presents opportunity to reinvent normality and restore lost
connections. The following masterplan thus proposes a bewildering take on
mass public gathering, within the constraints of metric separation. Taking advantage
of generous floorspace, the masterplan re-interprets six banal scenarios
of socialising which are seemingly taken for granted during this period of
social isolation and places them in within the function of a theme park, as an
immediate response to crisis. Due to metric requirements, monumental spaces
result, beginning to question the production of social space as the commodification
of space. In this apparently apocalyptic period, notions of absurdity
are not scrutinised, yet once this is all over, this response will merely become a
folly of what once was.